Entitled Town

A Patriots beat writer and an angry fan debunk faulty narratives surrounding the New England Patriots.

Going Great!

The guys talk about a loss to Baltimore, this Sunday's game against Mopey Aaron and the Packers, a member of the MSPCA watchlist tweeting about "discord" between Mac and the Patriots, and the Celtics' suspension of Ime Udoka.

75 Miles To Canton

Shaq, Bill and Rob discuss the "ugly win that doesn't count" against the Steelers, review a clip from a Devin McCourty press conference where he destroys Curran, and honor the career of the newest Patriot Hall of Famer, Vince Wilfork.

Scartsy, MOR1, and the Irons Brothers discuss a win in Pittsburgh, Week 3 against Baltimore, deliver schrapnel to deserving mediots, and the guys honor a underappreciated Boston Sports legend and true champion.

A Curran Affair

The Weekenders discuss Tom Curran's decent into Bedardian madness, the visceral reaction to the Week 1 loss, and Greg Washburn's asinine Boston Globe article, among others.  

The guys react to a loss in Miami; the Steelers are next... and why is Marc Bertrand nervous?

Whitney, #OOTGs.

Bert Pees on a Pod

The Party of Five does some self-scouting amid all the rampant negativity coming from the Pats media horde.

The Weekenders work hard on Labor Day, with a new Mystery Science Theater 3000-style segment unpacking an unconscionable clip from NBC Takez Boston, Brian Barrett's sorry attempt at podcasting, and embracing their inner homers before the Miami game.

Almost-A-2022 Season Preview.

The Flagship Five discuss Pats mediot buzz over which voice Mac will hear in his helmet, Tommy's continued heel turn, the Jeter hagiography, and the C's interest in Kevin Durant.

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