Entitled Town

A Patriots beat writer and an angry fan debunk faulty narratives surrounding the New England Patriots.

The guys discuss a sixth straight disappointing Patriots win over the previously #1 seeded Titans and debate whether EPA and DVOA are BS. Come for Dan's murdering of another specious mediot, stay for the world premiere of "Terry Tankway: Private Dick."

The Weekend boys discuss Belichick's cowardice, the NFL sucking as a whole, the Patriots going from irrelevant to overrated, and they reveal their goal to make football less sexy again, again.

The guys dissect a disappointing shutout win; call BS on the annual Bledsoe hagiographies, analytics usage, and we have a murder to report after Final Thoughts.

The Godfather of the Entitled Podcast Network, Mike Irons, along with General Steve Reisner join Shaq, Dan and Bill to recap a totally boring 25 point romp of the Falcons, do fake favors for less unfortunate media members, and skewer fake self-proclaimed Kings.

The Row of Chairs/Entitled Weekend Pregame show celebrate a blowout win at Gillette, a short week with TNF looming, and the thesaurus budget being quadrupled at John Henry's newspaper.

The inaugural edition of Entitled Weekend includes a summary of Mac the Ax Murderer, a Browns preview, and some interesting questions in Rapid Fire.

The guys talk a win in Carolina, more NBCS Boston foolishness, usefulness of analytics in football, and the upcoming ET spin-off with ET Executive Producer, @atomicdawg5150.


The ET Six Pack

The Party of Five is joined by Mike On Route 1 to review the win in LA, preview the game in Carolina (whose QB is an ET mancrush), and acknowledge nostalgia is a drug in revisiting New England's '06 Divisional Playoff win in SD.

Viagra For the Soul

As a Vouch-Free October crawls to a close, the guys discuss dismantling the Jets, Hammerin' Hannable's creepy tweet, more Gasperlighting, and if the national media still wants to crown the Chiefs' asses.

Dan, Scartelli and Mike discuss Cowboys at Patriots, Tony Romo, California Bill Simmons, and circle back to media items ('Sham, Schefter) from the past few ETs.

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