Entitled Town

A Patriots beat writer and an angry fan debunk faulty narratives surrounding the New England Patriots.

The guys discuss their joyful memories in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Super Bowl 36 win over the Rams.

The Weekenders take the honorable reins of the 100th Entitled Podcast by discussing Richard Seymour's HOF selection, Mac Jones gettin' Griddy wit it (and making fanbases mad in the process), and the entire football world's obsession with brains being drained.

The guys join Tom Flores at the 99 to talk Florio's DeflateGate angle, Big Media Sports Brains as NFL GMs, and E-mailer Vinny gets us to debate trading one Brady SB title to get a Lombardi in a different year.

You’re Out, Tom

The flagship discusses Championship Weekend, Schefter stealing Brady's thunder, and Tom Brady's official retirement.

Executive Producer Shaq and Bill from the Weekend Crew discuss Brady's retirement being "official" and the reaction to it, both over the top and not so much.

The Weekenders discuss Bill Belichick stealing GM of The Year, the upcoming Championship games, Brittney Matthews being annoying, and the Halls of No Fame.

The Party of Five review the Divisional Round, roast Sean McDermott, praise Jimmy G, and go in the WayBack Machine to discuss the 2001 AFC Championship Game against the Steelers.

The Second Bananas recap a 2021 Patriots season that exceeded low expectations, try to figure out why Bills fans suddenly feel dynastic, and send Big Ben on his way to retirement as only they know how.

The Flagship Five take a brief look back at the WC loss in Buffalo, and jump in the wayback machine to fondly recall The Night It All Started: The Snow Game vs. the Raiders.

The Weekend Trio discuss a dour atmosphere for Pats and Bills fans for the Wild Card game, Belichick's coaching sapling, and Almost-a-Coach talking to himself in public.

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